From Land of Promise: II. Jericho: Walls of Resistance Fall Down

Jericho, guardian of Canaan, you stand tall over your plains with impenetrable walls and towers, bars and gates, a mighty fortress with imposing stature no mortal man can dispossess. But outside your walls is holy ground, where Joshua, with shoes removed, lies prostrate before the Captain of the LORD of Hosts, who has come to the aid and comfort of the armies of Israel (cf. Joshua 5:14-15). Within thee, Jericho, is a righteous one, Rahab, whose faith has saved, and by her acts of kindness and succor to the spies, she shall find refuge in the Camp of Israel, along with all that are with her in her father’s house (cf. Joshua 6:25).

Jericho, though your walls are great and high; yet, those within you are full of fear, and terror, and their hearts do melt from hearing of the mighty deeds of the LORD, the God of heaven and earth (cf. Joshua 2:9-11; Exodus 15:16). Though you are shut up with none going out and none coming in; yet, the word of the LORD has been uttered to Joshua, son of Nun, “See, I have given into thine hand Jericho and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valor” (Joshua 6:2).

Jericho, seven days are determined for you and then your end shall come. Six days the armies of Israel shall compass your gates with the Ark of the Covenant of the Almighty. On the seventh day there shall come a mighty shout from all the people, and with the sounding of the trumpets (showphars) of rams’ horns from the seven Priests, your mighty walls shall fall flat and the armies of God shall ascend (cf. Joshua 6:5).


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